Join Our Affiliate Program

We have constructed one of the most generous affiliate programs for tangible goods we’ve ever found…and why not? In addition to setting out to create a product that has world-leading quality, made from wholesome raw materials, tested to the most stringent of standards to guarantee purity, and then capped with the gold standard in customer service and money-back guarantees…one of the other reasons this brand was formed in the first place was because we had little success finding a comparable product that also offered a generous commission structure for affiliates.

So we have put this package together for you and call it:

“30 Forever!”

As in, 30% commissions of gross sales, forever!



High Commissions

None of this piddly 5%, 8%, 10% of sales. We offer you 30% of all GROSS sales of our product Pacific Rim! Single purchases, autoships, this year, next year, next decade! ALL PURCHASES attributed to you for your referral!

That’s right: you will earn it EVERY SINGLE TIME a referral of yours buys! That means if they buy an annual supply for three straight years (currently priced at around $600), you will receive a check each year for $60 and $180 total in commission for that one customer referral!

Promotional Support

Of course we offer you the standard fare of banners, text links, email copy we’ve tested, and other promotional materials, but we have one other surprise:

Never-ending Cookies

The cookies in our tracking system NEVER EXPIRE! That means that unlike other companies that get you to promote their product and then if a customer you referred buys 2 weeks later, the seller wiggles out of their end of the bargain thanks to their 8 day cookie lifespan…WE PAY OUT IF THE CUSTOMER YOU REFER BUYS TWO YEARS AFTER YOU FIRST SENT THEM TO OUR SITE! (Provided, of course, they never cleared their cookies…)

It all combines to make this the strongest affiliate program we’ve ever seen in an Omega Product!

Wanted: Influencers

So if you have a thriving website, customer list, email marketing database, or you have the tools and know-how to market merchant products through paid-search, broadcast media, social media, content market, etc., THEN PLEASE STOP WAITING and sign up now – we promise a speedy approval process. Then…let the selling and games begin (we have contests and prizes and other incentives for our top affiliate sellers)!



If you have a brick-and-mortar or service company and would like to become an Authorized Pacific Rim Retailer, please click HERE.