Why are Omega 3s important for health?


The American Heart Association recommends that Americans get the benefit of a variety of fish, preferably oily fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring and trout), at least twice a week for the anti-inflammation properties of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) in Omega 3s:  EPA and DHA.  Inflammation in your arteries and lungs can lead to disease and death.  If you’re like most Americans, your diet is severely lacking in fish and omega 3s.  Even worse, your diet is almost certainly abundant in Omega 6s, which are the “Anti-Omega 3.”   Omega 6s cause inflammation. 



Most men and women, particularly in North America, eat far too much meat, which loads your body with Omega 6s, and not nearly enough fish (the right kinds of which give us Omega 3s). For optimal health, most experts recommend an Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 2:1.


 Are you ready for this?   Your diet likely has a ratio of Omega 6s to 3s of as much as 20:1!


The gross imbalance of Omega 6s to Omega 3s can lead to a whole host of problems with serious, even fatal consequences over time! 



Check out what one of America’s leading health experts and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Dr. Mark Hyman has to say about Omega 3s like the SUPER DAILY DOSE of 1500 mgs of Omega 3s in Pacific Rim Omegas!



The evidence has been published in thousands of studies over the years.  Omega 3s from fish – specifically the two acids EPA and DHA within them – are incredibly powerful for:


Omega 3s have become the darling of the health & wellness world for a reason:  They’re vital to everyone-women, men, children, young and old-and especially those who yearn for a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle!   The list of health benefits Omega 3s have been shown to give you is remarkable!  Heart and artery health, improved lung function, reduced inflammation in your joints, better eyes, boosted brain power, lower cholesterol and triglycerides…even a trimmer waistline…are some of the benefits of what many call “nature’s miracle drug!”

But that’s truly the best part:  Omega 3s come from all-natural sources and NOT from some synthetic, human-made source.  Not that the giant corporations haven’t gotten into the act, though.  Nowadays, you see plenty of ads on television for “prescription” omega 3s.  Your local grocer’s shelves are lined with products that, many times, are owned and operated by mega-corporations with an eye on their bottom lines’ health and well-being first and foremost.

The truth is, because your body can’t create omega 3s, and you have to get them from diet or supplementation, you should only get them from natural sources!  Our preference is that you get them from two healthy servings of fish each week!

The next best source we recommend you get your omega 3s from IF YOU AREN’T GETTING THEM FROM YOUR DIET is from an independently owned & operated company like ours:



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What Pacific Rim Customers Say:

Tony G., Dearborn Heights, MI: “I was very impressed by taking your product, and the purity of the pharmaceutical grade of the omega 3 fish oil. I really felt very, very good by taking the product far as my mood…[I was] in more of a positive mood. I noticed the collagen in my face and some of the lines I have disappear. My nails, my hair [improved]. Most importantly, it’s the heart, the cardiovascular [health that I like]…. your particular brand, Pacific Rim…I highly recommend this product, I really, really enjoy this product, and I look forward to purchasing more in the future!”

Chris H., Naigra Falls, NY: “I’ve been very happy with the Pacific Rim fish oil that I’ve received. I trust that its PCB and mercury free. It’s clean. It’s wild-caught. It’s the best stuff that I’ve found that’s going to help with the [health] goals that I want to accomplish in my life.”

Corey P: “My experience with Pacific Rim Omega-3 Fish Oil has been wonderful. I’m a diabetic and had trouble with my eyes at my job. We work inside and when we get off [of work] the sun blinds me with glare. Just [even after] the 1 month trial with Pacific Rim Omega-3’s, when we get off of work I can see with no glare at all! In fact, when I saw my doctor he said my eyes improved! Thanks to this wonderful product, Pacific Rim Omega-3’s, my eyes were better – in fact when I had my eyes checked with my doctor, he said my eyes were better, much better! Thanks! I just got on the auto ship program so I won’t be without this wonderful product!”

Did you hear what Dr. Oz said about Omega 3s like Pacific Rim Omegas?

Check this video out!





Can Pacific Rim Omegas help you lose weight?

Most people know Omegas are good for heart, lung, brain, and eye function, but as a weight loss aid?  Not many people knew that, until researchers in Australia found the truth!

Lose that belly fat! Among a laundry list of benefits, Omega 3s have been shown to help you get rid of that gut!  Here’s an excerpt from Livestrong.com:  “Researchers in Australia reported studies that show people who take omega-3 fish oil and exercise moderately lose more weight than people who exercise, but don’t use fish oil. The theory is that fish oil improves blood flow to muscles, which increases the benefits of exercise. With fish oil and 45 minutes of exercise three times a week, the body burned more fat calories than people who just did the exercise.

EFAs produce hormones called eicosanoids that regulate digestion and insulin production. In addition to converting carbohydrates to fat, insulin reduces fat used for fuel, instead promoting fat storage. When people regularly consume omega-3 fish oil, insulin levels drop 50 percent lower, allowing individuals to use fat for energy.”

Belly Fat impacts you far beyond your appearance and self-esteem.  Losing belly fat can also SAVE YOUR LIFE!  Read on:


“Abdominal fat bears the blame for many health problems because it resides within striking distance of your heart, liver, and other organs–pressing on them, feeding them poisons, and messing with their daily function.” (Source:  Women’s Health)


“One of the biggest secrets to burning belly fat is the ability to manage cortisol, the hormone released by your body in response to any stress, including…inflammation.  When you don’t manage cortisol well, you start storing more fat around your midsection and less in the extremities. But cortisol isn’t the only problem. Its partner in crime: insulin.” (Source:  Shape Magazine)


“In times of stress, the body releases the hormone cortisol to prepare for a fight-or-flight response. Cortisol increases glucose concentration in the blood and boosts substances that repair tissues…too much stress can lead to overexposure to cortisol, which can cause several health problems, including obesity, heart disease, depression and sleep problems, according to the Mayo Clinic.” (Source:  Livestrong)


EFAs produce hormones called eicosanoids that regulate digestion and insulin production. In addition to converting carbohydrates to fat, insulin reduces fat used for fuel, instead promoting fat storage. When people regularly consume omega-3 fish oil, insulin levels drop 50 percent lower, allowing individuals to use fat for energy.”  Scientists found that fish oil significantly reduce cortisol levels!





Can Pacific Rim Omegas Help Fight Breast Cancer?


A recent study suggests that regular use of fish oil supplements may reduce the risk of breast cancer. These findings were published in the journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

A variety of studies have shown essential fatty acids to be beneficial; the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil—eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)—are especially good. Fish oil has previously been reported to reduce heart disease risk, making its implications in cancer prevention an area of interest. Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center recently evaluated what, if any, impact specialty supplements have on breast cancer risk.

In this study, more than 35,000 postmenopausal women completed a 24-page questionnaire to evaluate their use of non-vitamin, non-mineral “specialty” supplements. Of the specialty supplements used by the women in this study, only fish oil was associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer. Risk of breast cancer was 32% lower among women who regularly used fish oil supplements. (Source:   Susan G. Komen)




The Fitness Secret Weapon?  mike_pic_marathonfinish copy

Pacific Rim owner Mike Noonan: “I completed my first marathon in 2012 and give much of the credit to Pacific Rim Omegas!  My longest training run leading up to that day was 12 miles. Normally your long run before a marathon is at least 20 miles. People ask me: How did you go from 12 miles to 26.2?  I honestly don’t know. I guess I channeled my inner Forest Gump and just kept running and running. Now, I didn’t set any land-speed records…but I had tons of fun (I truly did! In this pic you see I’m holding my phone. I took lots of video as I ran and plenty of pictures and had a really nice time that September day!)  I will also say this: I faithfully stayed up on my regimen of Pacific Rim that summer and fall, even if I didn’t do all of my long runs due to the heat that year. I truly believe the mega dose of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA in Pacific Rim – as opposed to the anemic amounts found in most store-bought brands – made a BIG difference in helping my heart, lungs, and my knees (always very sore spots with me) see me through to the finish line!  Omega 3s may not be a cure all or a remedy for everything but, for me and for the customers who call me every day, we can’t imagine life without them!  I feel so strongly about that, I am proud to say I own the company!  I hope you try for yourself and see what impact Pacific Rim Omegas can make on your training, fitness, health, and happiness! “





Do you know where your fish oil brand’s fish come from?

It’s more vital to know the source of your fish oil now more than ever!  Our fish are never “farmed”!
We only use wild-caught fish from cold, deep waters. They’re also third-party tested for 100% purity. A certificate of analysis is on file for every batch we sell with the Pacific Rim name on it!

Many store-bought brands might come with cheaper prices, and there’s good reason why: They aren’t all as reputable when it comes to purity (in the interests of lower prices and higher profits, many companies use farm-raised fish, which leads to more toxic impurities in many cases, etc).  Check this alarming report from ABC News on many of the leading Omega 3 brands and decide for yourself:








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