Become an Authorized Retailer

Vitamin stores, Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Medical Offices, Trade Show Exhibitors, Gyms, Yoga Studios…

The list of companies and people who make tremendous partners as Authorized Pacific Rim Retailers is limited only by the imagination!

If you have a location or a business that puts you in front of the supplement-buying public regularly, we’d love to know more and discuss the possibilities of wholesaling our product to you at amazingly low prices, supporting you with high visibility marketing and cross-promotional efforts (our parent company’s specialty), and talk about other ways we can work together to build out mutual businesses and bring health and wellness to people throughout the world!

We’ll be in touch with you within one (1) business day of filling out this form. You may also reach Mike Noonan, Pacific Rim President, by phone M-F, 10a-4p CST: 401-472-4436.

Here’s to a healthy business future together!