Trim Your Waistline, Cholesterol, AND Your Budget!

Get your annual supply of the essential daily supplement for heart, lung, cardiovascular, eye, back, and joint health at an astounding 59% off our regular price!  People used to ask us all the time:  What’s the shelf life of your product?  The answer was, and is, “2 years.”  (Our formulation experts say it’s more like 3 but we officially say ‘2 years’ to be on the “safe” side.  Keep in  mind this is when it’s stored in a dry, cool place, such as in your bathroom cabinet.  Don’t go leaving your bottles on the dashboard of your car and expecting the same results!)  When people heard their product lasts for years, they immediately followed up with, “How can I stock up on a year’s supply?”  So we created this ultimate stash of omegas for a deal that no one can touch anywhere for a product of this quality:  The Boatload of Fish Oil!


Save an Amazing 59% Off the Regular Price- Just $16.41 per bottle (+ s & h) when you buy your Annual Supply today!

Regular Retail Price on single bottles is $39.97 per bottle! By taking advantage of our autoship program, you’ll save 59% on the regular retail price of 12 bottles! You pay just $197 plus S&H!groupbottles

Please note this is an autoship product. That means you will be billed for and shipped 12 bottles today, and then in 365 days you’ll be billed for and shipped another 12 bottles. Cancel anytime you like at cancel [at] or call 1-401-472-4436.
  • Get a year’s supply of soft-gels delivering a daily super dose of 1500 mg of EPA and DHA (The American Heart Association recommends at least 1000 mg daily) for heart, lung, brain, eye, and joint health! The brands in the big box stores and chain pharmacies usually deliver a far lower amount of EPA and DHA!
  • The Ultimate Supply of Omegas for your daily dietary supplement needs with a two (2) year shelf life when stored in dry, cool conditions.
  • When you purchase today, no matter what happens, we’ll lock you into this price next year too! Cancel anytime you like at cancel [at] or call 1-401-472-4436.